Robin Clare knows first hand what it means to live a Divine Revolution in her personal and professional life! She journeyed from Corporate Warrior to Spiritual Warrior and to her ultimate destination, Divine Warrior. 

Her path to becoming a Divine Warrior began by understanding her Soul Mission.  Robin traveled across the globe to study with spiritual masters and grow into her Divine gifts. This divine way of life enables her to have unprecedented access to divine wisdom, unconditional love, abundant resources, clear relationships and a healthy living style. 

Robin has documented her extraordinary spiritual journey in her highly acclaimed books, Messiah Within and the Amazon Best-Selling Spiritual book, The Divine Keys. Her third book, Feast and Famine is due out in 2018. 

Robin won 2nd place in the Natural Nutmeg readers poll for best energy healer in Connecticut. Robin's clients are equally impressed at how knowledgeable she is on traditional best business practices and the newest trends for building business success.

Was Robin's Divine Revolution easy? - hell no!  Was it worth it ? - absolutely!  Now, Robin is excited to share her incredible wisdom and proven path to Divine Freedom with you. 

Robin's divinely inspired tools are beneficial for your personal life and your professional life.  She creates customized programs for her spiritual/holistic entrepreneurs in her Monetize Your Mission program using her outstanding tools.

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Robin is many things to many people, but few of the outstanding qualities that make her a unique contributor to anyone are her virtues of professionalism, business savvy, excellent communicator, focused, mission driven, and personal integrity. She is passionate about wanting to help others, and in that process, change the world for the better.
— J. Desai
I have watched Robin as she opened her heart and shared her wisdom with the world around her as friend, mentor, author and soul guide. She is kind, gentle and true to her heart and passes this on to everyone she touches. It is an honor and a privilege to know her.
— P. Caffrey
Having demonstrated success as a businesswoman, wife and mother, Robin has also enjoyed success as a student and teacher in the domains of human potential and personal spirituality. She’s challenged herself and others to continually reach for more of what can help us all fulfill our promise of abundance, love, joy and freedom.
— M. Petruzzi