Your Destiny is Now!

One of the most profound outcomes that I have experienced doing the SOUL PLAN™ work with my clients has been redefining the word destiny. 

The SOUL PLAN™ program gives Spiritual Seekers the confidence to stop searching and start serving.

The traditional definition of destiny is the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.

But what is the future? My spiritual guidance, as well as many famous spiritual teachers have said that there is only the present moment defined as “Now".

Social protesters have always shouted, "The Future is Now!"  I am finding that slogan to be true in regards to the SOUL PLAN™ program outcomes.

I am re-defining destiny or your future as the next moment of Now that brings you closer to to your desired outcome.

One step at a time to your next Now!  For after all, there is only the present moment, there is only Now. 

The future becomes wherever you are. So, make the best of it - love deeply, smile broadly, be of service and most of all, be grateful for every moment of Now.

By aligning your spiritual journey with your Soul's destiny, you are ready to live a life with deep purpose and excitement for all the moments of Now to come!