Feeling Lucky?

I signed up to have the opportunity to win a 5 minute speaking engagement if my name comes up on a speaker roulette wheel.  In order to participate, I had to make a donation to the eWomen Network’s charitable foundation.  Am I feeling lucky?  Not any more lucky than I do every day for this extraordinary spiritual journey and life of service that I have.  

I decided to talk about how a life of following my Soul’s guidance has led me to living my purpose of connecting others to their Soul’s guidance.  And, if for some reason, I don’t get picked , then I now know my story even better and I donated to a very worthy cause.  What does someone say in 5 minutes about their extraordinary life?

My story began in my 25 year corporate life.  I had two personalities - one was my corporate warrior and the other was my spiritual warrior.  And never could the two meet - there was just no room for overt spirituality in the corporate world.  At year 22, I decided that I must become my authentic self, i.e. merge my personalities into one being!

This decision to merge me, gave me an opportunity to start thinking about a new life of service.  I stood on my deck every night asking “How can I be of greatest service to mankind?” I could feel a Light Being standing next to me every night but I could not turn around to look - I was too scared.  The Light Being was listening and guided me to surrender my life to be of divine service.

For the past 12 years, I have lived a fast track journey of deep spiritual awakening and even deeper emotional clearing. I have studied with master spiritual teachers in the ethereal realms, in  India and even in my own home. I have opened and closed spiritual ventures as guided by Spirit. I have re-lived past life and current life traumas and tested the very core of my relationship with myself and others.

As part of the reward for all of this deep introspection and study, I became a masterful spiritual messenger for my clients.  As an advanced Akashic Record reader, I have shared past, present and future life time information to support my clients on their journey in this lifetime. What I began to notice is that I was sharing only the how, when, where and what of their life. But what about the why of their life - the answer to one of the the most often asked spiritual question, “ Why am I here?”

In Simon Sinek’s book, Start with Why, he writes that all great businesses first understand why they are in business and then they move to the how and the what of their business. I believe this is true for our personal life as well. The answer to your why was what I felt was missing from my Akashic Record readings.  I asked my spiritual guidance,”How do I access the why?”
and they said two words, “Soul Plan”.  

The Soul Plan is a blueprint created by your Soul prior to incarnation that contains what you came here to learn in this lifetime. Not what you came here to do, but what you came here to learn and experience through simple and sometimes profound teachings.  And if you are lucky, you can live a life of service that is deeply connected to your Soul’s desired destiny outlined in your Soul Plan.

When my spiritual guidance promoted me to read your Soul Plan, to tell you why you are here, I felt overwhelmed by the responsibility and I said, “Maybe you should ask someone else?” My guidance responded, “We find that question rather insulting, Robin. You asked us how can you be of greater service to mankind and we have been guiding you through a process that will enable you to be of great service by reading the Soul Plan.  And besides, just like Corporate America, if you were not already doing this work well with your clients, you would not have been promoted.”

After an initial whoa, Spirit just schooled me, I decided I would do it.  Once I decided to read the Soul Plan, I became wonderfully excited at the prospect of supporting my clients to live their life according to their Soul’s master plan.  What I know for sure is that all of our experiences (family, school, work, community, health, relationships) have led us to exactly where we are today and have been integral steps of the Soul Plan.   

Now, we have this amazing gift from Spirit called the Soul Plan, intended to connect the experiences of the first half of your life with your Soul’s desired destiny. As a result of knowing this information, you can live a deep conscious life of guidance from your Soul and passionate service to others. 

Are you feeling lucky?  Are you ready to connect your dots? I know that I am ready to serve you through this beautiful gift from Spirit. Connect with me and tell me that you read my blog. I will give all my inspired blog readers a special holiday discount on their Soul Plan program.  I look forward to hearing from you!