Plan to be Present

I have noticed that there are some divine concepts that are consistent across individual Soul Plans. Your Soul Plan is the blueprint your Soul created before you were born to tell you what you came here to learn and experience in this lifetime. One of these consistent divine concepts was originally shared by Yeshua as one of the 12 steps to becoming your Messiah Within. It is such an important divine concept that there are 186,925 other books on this one concept in Amazon!   

The divine concept that I am writing about is present moment living. The exact words I received from Yeshua were “ Live your life in the present moment, without regret of the past or fear of the future.”  This is such a powerful concept because it takes effort to stay in the present moment and it is so darn easy to have regret of your past or fear of your future. The reason you should make the effort to stay in the present moment is because your greatest ally is in the present moment.

This amazing and wonderful ally is Spirit! Spirit or Universal Guidance only lives in the present moment. Therefore, if you want to be connected to this abundant source of support, you need to stay present in the now.  How can you distinguish the present moment in your life?  It is those times when you are so engaged in what you are doing that when you do look at the clock, you say “ Where did the time go?”  In these moments of surrender to the task at hand or to being fully present with someone that you are truly living.  

To be clear, I believe it is incredibly important to reflect back on our past, to understand and resolve past traumas. This life of reflection enables us to see our patterns of behavior that no longer serve us. This reflection enables us to see our present and future spiritual path with greater understanding and commitment. There is a famous quote that says, “The past is a great place to visit, but I would not want to live there.”

I also believe that we must plan for the future. Previously, I wrote about a new definition of destiny as a series of next present moment steps. How can you know where you are going if you don’t plan?  How can Spirit provide you with resources (people, time and money) to reach your goals if Spirit does not know what your plan is?  Ask yourself, do I have a plan for what I would like to manifest in my life?  If not, get planning!

Even Spirit likes to plan!  Afterall, your Soul created a blueprint or a Soul Plan of what it wanted to learn and experience in this lifetime. My job is to connect your Soul’s plan with the life journey that you have been on and the life journey that you desire to have. Once the connection is made, it becomes easier to stay in the present moment because you will accept your past without judgement and you will become excited about your future.