How Does Spirit Connect to You?

In one of the first spiritual books that I read, The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, I learned that there are no coincidences. Every interaction in our life happens for a reason – providing us with an opportunity for growth. The interactions are part of our soul’s destiny and Spirit makes their presence known in a variety of ways.

Goose bumps or “Spirit” bumps are a wonderful way that Spirit communicates truth for my life. Another common way is synchronistic events. Synchronistic events are not “weird” to me but often quite amusing. The more gratitude I express for the synchronistic events, the more I experience.

Another form of connection is orbs, the little circles of lights in photography. Many people think the circle of white light is a result of the flash, but I choose to see the orb as a non-physical being. I took this picture of the sunrise on the beach and you can see the green orb walking next to me. A green orb – even the most skeptical person would question if that is a flash!

In researching green orbs, I read that the green orb is associated with the heart, nature, Oneness and that the green orb represents the presence of a human spirit. At a time when I could have felt alone, it was comforting to know that I was walking the beach with Spirit.

It is our natural state to be connected to Spirit and our unnatural state to be disconnected to Spirit. I invite you to recognize the signs and maintain the connection. Whether an interaction in our life feels good or not so good, it is comforting to know that Spirit is present to help us to discern what is in the highest good for our life.