Grace & Ease

With a common understanding that we are a soul living a human experience, then grace and ease must be our birthright, right? Yet, what if the soul wanted to experience the myriad of human emotions and experiences that include both love and fear?

At times, we lead lives that define the expression, “a tortured soul”. We allow the limited understanding of the mind and the yearnings of the heart to be our soul’s experience on the earth plane. The Soul knows that as human beings, we have a 50:50 chance of experiencing fear on the way to love.

If our soul wants to experience love, why fight it on any level? When you meet another soul that matches the vibration of your soul… run, don’t walk to that other soul, even if it is only for a reason, a season or a lifetime on your soul’s journey.

We have the capacity to face deep fear and we have an extraordinary desire to love. When love is experienced properly, it will kick fear’s butt.