Your Perfect Divine Eyes

Being Real is a teaching collaboration with Colleen Morgan that evolved out of a mutual knowing that there is only one true reality – our relationship with the Divine. And yet, all our other relationships (family, friends, work, community and the world at large) appear to be very real in our human world. Our everyday life creates ongoing opportunities to us to suffer and to be out of alignment with the true reality. We always have lots to chat about!

In A Course in Miracles, we are taught to view the world through the eyes of God. Outside my window today, I see a beautiful fresh layer of winter snow. Is that it? Pure, white, simple, no problems? Is God’s world perfect and ours is not? If we see the world through the eyes of God, then our lives must be perfect, too.

Is the perfection of God reflected through us in our aging or sick bodies, in our complicated relationships, in jobs where we are overworked and underpaid and in a world that seems like we are going to hell in a hand basket? By placing our emphasis on basic physical needs or complex desires, have we created other forms of worship beyond our own true God?

At times in my life, I have placed my focus on personal and global affairs and not my spiritual life. Other times, I have placed my emphasis on my spiritual life and I have forgotten personal and world affairs. I have learned how to look out into the world that feels more peaceful and sane and leads me back to my one true reality.

By looking at all of life’s perceived imperfections though your perfect divine eyes, you will be more present, tolerant, loving, patient and grateful. Even if the perspective of another upsets you and you choose to see though your expanded infinite view, then grace will prevail.

Being Real Retreat – April 24-26 - Gloucester, Ma.: 

A Course in Miracles Celebration with James Twyman – April 11 & 12 -