I AM the Object of My Affections

“I AM the object of my affections” is a mantra I have been hearing in my inner world.  As someone who loves to love others, the idea of making me the object of my affections feels self-centered and selfish.

Yet, the truth is, by making me the object of my affections, I open up to being present with myself.  From this place, loving and giving begins with me and then extends outward in a direct flow.

Being present allows me to focus my attention on what is right in front of me.  I am neither living with regret of the past or fear of the future.  But living right here, right now.   

Thus far, this present moment lifestyle has not been easy.  Sometimes as my thoughts drift back to past experiences or forward to the unknown future, I find myself squeezing my face with my hands saying, “Stay here, Stay here.” 

Even when the present moment is awkward, challenging or painful, there is peace and joy in knowing that at this very moment, all is perfect.   The present moment is where we live.  The present moment is where the Divine lives. 

By becoming the object of your own affections, you garner this incredible connection to your Divine Self, enabling the love and attention you give to others to be deeply enhanced and inherently blessed.