The Simple Journey

On our spiritual journey, we learn that all the answers that we seek are already within us.  Simple, right?   Yet, we “seek” answers from outside ourselves even when the answers are inside us.  Even most spiritual teachers and books tell us the answers are inside us.  Why are we not listening?

It’s like walking in the desert and up ahead is a very real well filled with water.  We can easily walk up to the well and drink, but we choose to think that the well is a mirage.   As a result, we continue on our journey very thirsty.  This appears to be the path of a spiritual person – always thirsty for someone to tell us a “new” way of learning how to be happy, peaceful and abundant. 

I am a spiritual teacher, channel, author and student and I still look outside of myself for validation. My mentor recently said that I look to my outside world to fill myself up because I don’t accept the empty version of me.   I interpreted the word “empty” as the version of myself that no longer needs to seek happiness, peace and abundance outside of myself.

Now, I am choosing self-acceptance through settling into my internal self.  In accepting my internal solitude, I accept myself.  This place of solitude allows me to have access to the greatest resource for my life – my connection to the Divine.  Through this connection, my cup runneth over and I will never be thirsty again.