Day 8 - Create!

 The Creation story in the Bible details how the Divine created the world in seven days. On the first day, the heavens and earth were created and then within the next 24 hours, the sky was created.  This scheduled continued until the seventh day, when the Divine rested.  Wow, what a busy week!  

 I have always wondered how long is a day in the life of the Divine.  In our linear thinking process, it would be 24 hours.  But could it be hundreds of thousands of years or even millions of years?  Perhaps the Divine was resting on Day 7 getting ready for  Day 8 – a time on earth defined by the co-creation of life between the Divine and humankind. 

 The Divine demonstrated to humankind that creation is a process that starts with a plan that is realized with small accomplishments that build into grand accomplishments. The concept of Day 8 reminds us that we are the creators of our own lives with infinite possibilities within an infinite universe.   

As I sit in Panera on a Tuesday morning writing this, I am watching all of the little pods of people creating businesses, creating friendships and creating fundraisers to support others.  I am looking at each of these people through my most divine eyes and I am being shown this simple truth -  the Divine is well-rested and is available 24:7 to partner with you to achieve your greatest creation.