Isness or the idea of a circumstance being “just is” is a concept that has come up lately in conversation and in a book that I am reading. This idea of isness creates an opportunity for us to know that everything that is happening in our lives is not good or bad, nor happy or sad, nor harmonious or disharmonious – it just is.

In a channeled writing by St. Germain, he shared “Unification is the healer and is divine harmony exemplified.  Disharmony is only the perception of your misalignment, for indeed, in the unlimited version of it all, there is really no disharmony. The Source which is unconditional love, which is the Isness of the divine Mother/Father, is allowing of it all without judgment.  It is you who judge whether one particular circumstance is better than another.”  (Source: St. Germain – Twin Souls & Soul Mates) 

I find this new word isness incredibly helpful when I desire to understand and heal circumstances in my life.  Prior to this new word, the circumstance would feel out of control and I would judge the heck out of it, trying to gain control over my emotions. Now, in the isness of the circumstance, the emotion still arrives but I can feel the emotion until it subsides.  

My teachers in India, Sri AmmaBhagavan taught me that true healing requires that we put out the emotion charge of any circumstance by feeling it to the max.  By feeling and not judging the emotion of a circumstance, you can heal it.  The emotional charge is distinguished and you are free. Yes, the sorrow may return but in a different, easier way with less power.  When it does return, hold your attention on the emotion and notice how much quicker it dissipates. 

Sri AmmaBhagavan also shared that there was a gift at the end of staying with the emotion, no matter how hard it might be.  The gift to me is threefold.  First, the circumstance will become a memory without an emotional charge.  Second, you are able to see the truth of your life with deep clarity.  Third, the circumstance that was so incredibly painful has transformed into the pureness of the divine lesson for your life, giving you a reason to smile.