I AM as God Created Me

This powerful lesson is number 110 of A Course in Miracles.  Of all the lessons this year, this one truly struck a chord with me.  The phrase I AM, popular in spiritual lingo means my most god-like presence. Therefore, if I AM in my most god-like presence as God created me, then all of the ways that I participate in separation are futile.

If I am as God created me, then I am a being of joy, happiness and abundance. Any other way of being is not me being as God created me.  When I feel alone, afraid or judgemental, I am not being as God created me, I am participating in the global energy of separation.

As a curious person, I had to see if the number 110 has a significant angel meaning since this lesson was so powerful to me. The meaning that I interpreted was that God and the angels are asking us to change our thoughts and we will change our lives. Therefore, I invite you to focus on believing that if you are as God created you, then you are more than enough.

This weekend in our Beal Real Retreat in Gloucester, we each answered the question what is Being Real mean to you.  I shared that during the progression of my life, I strived to be good, then to be a good human being, then to become a spiritual being, and finally to integrate my spiritual being with my human being.  

Even this integrated spiritual human being or a Spuman as I joked this weekend, did not seem to be enough.  Being Real to me is a desire to be me or to be as God created me. It is a level of authenticity that is available when we know that regardless of what is happening in our lives, it is perfect. It is life playing itself out. It is in knowing who you truly are that peace and salvation are possible.