Bring It On!

In a conversation with my spiritual bestie, we chatted about how when we receive a sign from Spirit or are in notice of a synchronistic event, we always presume that the outcome is going to be positive. We have this childlike innocence that says, “Spirit is on this, it must have a happy ending.”

And yet, many times, the sign or the message from Spirit is intended to help us along on our spiritual journey, to provide us with an opportunity to heal from our past or to recognize something that is happening in our present or to even give us a heads up on a future outcome.

Spirit is holding up a mirror for us to see a version of our self in another person, a situation or a condition that we might not be able to see on our own. Spirit would only do this if we were ready to look at any situation that needs healing, even if it is on a limited basis.  

But let’s say, you are a spiritual warrior and you are like “Bring it on, Spirit, I want to grow, I want to transcend.” When you open up to that level of healing or growth in this lifetime, is it possible to feel duped by Spirit - especially when the pain continues, when it all seems so overwhelming. When you want to say stop in your physical presence, but your Soul is saying, continue.

Spiritual warriors seem to welcome spiritual 2 x 4’s (i.e. bigger lessons, greater highs, deeper lows) because at our core we know that by doing our deep emotional healing work, we are creating an exponential level of growth in our Soul that is impossible for us to measure in our physical state.  

So, to all of my fellow spiritual warriors (those of us who are choosing to deal with our earthly experiences and all of its moments), I am setting an intention for us to transform this feeling of being duped to one of euphoria that Spirit is our constant companion, guiding us to transcendence or reaching our Soul’s destiny. To know that we are not being deceived by Spirit but that we are being received in the arms of Spirit, moment by moment.