Hurry Up and Be Patient!

Recently, I had a wonderful reminder that life is unfolding on schedule. I awoke at 2:00 AM feeling like I had slept a full night’s sleep. My first thought was, “Spirit wants to talk to me.” With focused attention on my spiritual connection, I heard the name and tagline for a new program that I will be launching.

The 11 step program was a summary of the business journey that I had experienced over the past ten years. My incredible journey began by having the courage to leave corporate and pursue my passion. Every step of my journey required a great deal of patience. Patience being defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay without getting angry or upset.

On a walk with a spiritual mentor yesterday, I shared with her what transpired about the program. She relayed a message from Spirit to me, “Don’t rush the release of your new program, be methodical and allow us to show you the way to success.” Really? More patience? But then, I looked up into the sky and an Eagle was flying right over our heads!

The spiritual meaning of the eagle includes, “The eagle is an incredibly patient being, often perching in a tree, holding the same position for hours on end. Those with this power animal are shown how to master the art of patience in every area of their life. For within the energy of patience all things are possible.”

When my mentor first shared the message to be patient, my reaction was one of frustration that quickly turned to peace. I was reminded of the quote, “ The ego is impatient because it knows its time is limited. The Soul is patient because it knows it’s eternal.  Yes, of course, I will be patient, but I will also be diligent in my efforts to create an amazing program. I look forward to sharing more with you when the time is right.