The Divine Feminist

Ever since the Goddess was removed from significant religious liturgy, the Divine Feminine has taken a back seat to the Divine Masculine.  In a way, that made sense, since we were in the Iron Age or the Age of Man up until just a few short years ago. The Age of Man represented a time of greed, power and a lack of respect for Gaia (the earth). But now that we are in The Golden Age or the Age of God, it is time to usher in and raise the Divine Feminine to its rightful place alongside the Divine Masculine. This new time on earth signifies a time of cooperation, collaboration and a unification with Gaia.  

The Golden Age or the Age of Aquarius represents the perfect blend of Divine Masculine and Feminine, or Oneness with the Divine.  A time when we take all of the gifts from the Age of Man (advances in technology, science and communications) and we distribute them in an equitable manner across the globe. A time when the collective well-being becomes more important than the individual gain.  A time when the concept of Heaven on Earth is realized.

Heaven on Earth is a time defined as a state of living aligned with how God had intended us to live. Since the human being was made in the image of God, we are the perfect blend of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. A human being is first and foremost a spiritual being.  Therefore, if we are a spiritual being made in God’s image, then shouldn’t we aspire to be our most God or Goddess-like self?

But where has the Goddess been? She has been waiting patiently for her presence to be known. Oh, she has been around, often times influencing mankind in a public way as a cultural or political leader or an entire movement (i.e. the Suffragettes and the Feminists). But most important, she has always been very present in the world - quietly getting humanity ready for this very time - the rise of the Divine Feminist in each of us.

The term Divine Feminist came to my awareness as I was doing Clare-ity sessions in a small town in Pennsylvania. I specialize in advising my clients on what is their life’s purpose and how they can live their purpose as a catalyst to fulfill their Soul’s destiny.  I had appointments with 8 women and 2 men and with each person, a theme was building.  

Each of these unique people were powerful in their own right.  From a retired corporate executive deeply versed in Buddhism, to a small business owner who designs wigs and fit prosthetics  for cancer survivors , to a single mom raising a child with an important destiny - their lives were being fine-tuned to a new understanding of how to fulfill their Soul’s destiny.  And in every case, it required them to honor their Divine Feminine.

In one of the sessions, Spirit shared with a client that when women experience trauma, we often place our Divine Feminine outside of our physical vessel.  Almost like we place it on a shelf to protect it.  In her session, Spirit asked her to create a ceremony for her clients to return their Divine Feminine back to their healing bodies. This would enable her customers to fulfil their unique life purpose. The request was backed up by a fascinating message from Isis.

As the Divine Feminine energies became more and more intense in the session, I began to channel Isis (the Egyptian Goddess who for many believe represents the Divine Feminine).  As I sat up in my seat, this powerful voice boomed from deep within me, “ I am the Divine Feminine, I am grace, I am freedom, I am unconditional love and I am here.  It is time to awaken my presence in the heart of each and every man and woman on the planet.”  

Her power left me breathless and electrified at the same time. It reminded me of when I have stood in my own personal power in my life and spoke or acted from a place of pure knowing. It reminded me of when in my work, I know I have shared something of incredible importance for a client. It reminded me of when I returned my Divine Feminine to my physical vessel in my own personal healing journey.  

I have been a traditional feminist since I entered corporate America in the 1980’s trying to gain women equal pay for equal responsibility. This issue continues to be a present struggle in our work culture.  Perhaps this is a remnant of our Age of Man era.  But what if we removed the struggle associated with equality and surrendered to the knowing that the Divine Feminist is here to help.  

Perhaps you know the Divine Feminist? He or she believes that we can live in abundance, that we can share resources, that we be joyful, that we can be of service and most of all, that we can live in balance with our Divine Masculine and Feminine energies. He or she knows that  in order to create a healthy and peaceful life for all inhabitants of the earth and restore Gai to her glorious state, then we must accept personal responsibility and take action in a collaborative and peaceful manner.   

In conversations on our Being Real broadcast, Colleen Morgan and I have talked about how the Divine Feminine has returned this year and she will be coming in with a roar. She is not satisfied with us just talking about the Divine Feminine, she requires that the energies be anchored here and it shall be. It will shake up our lives, our systems and our planet. After all, she is the Egyptian Goddess Isis, she is Gaia , she is one-half of God, she is you and me - of course, she is going to make an entrance!

And yet, what I noticed most about my sessions in this small town in Pennsylvania with these 8 women and 2 men, is that they were each in their own lives balancing both their Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. This balance is critical to achieving the life we most desire. Everything is better when balance is present.

The empowering of the Divine Feminist in each of us is not intended to diminish the Divine Masculine.  Far from it, we must raise the Divine Feminine up to and equal to the Divine Masculine energies.  It is in this state of divine balance, that mankind will become its most brilliant, most generous and most loving.  It is a time when we become the true reflection of God and live Heaven on Earth.