Got plans?

Everything in life runs more smoothly with a plan. You may have created external plans for your personal and professional life objectives, but do you know that you also already have a Soul Plan -  an inner strategic plan - complete with goals, objectives and desired outcomes?  

If you are an experienced planner, you'll probably agree that to achieve a successful outcome for your overall strategic Soul Plan you need an underlying, detailed operating plan with actionable steps to achieve your strategic goals. In the case of your Soul Plan, your operating plan is known as your Life’s Purpose. 

The Soul Plan is your ultimate destination and yet, it would be easy to think of your Life’s Purpose as the ultimate destination instead of a detailed journey with many action steps. The confusion may stem from how you define the word purpose.

One of the popular definitions for the word purpose is an intended or desired result. But the #1 definition of purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done. Therefore, the reason to live your Life’s Purpose is to fulfill your Soul Plan. But what do you do with your existing personal and professional plans?

True success comes when you align your Soul Plan and your Life’s Purpose with your personal and professional life objectives. This dynamic alignment enables you to gain access to the unlimited resources (people, funding and expertise) available by connecting to your inner world.  

The philosopher and poet of ancient China, Lao Tzu wrote,“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Deep grace and unlimited support is available to you as you walk the thousand miles of your life - one purposeful step at a time, until you reach your soul’s destiny.

Robin Clare, Spiritual MBA, is available to engage your audience in a compelling conversation on how to merge all of your plans into one extraordinary life plan that empowers you to fulfill your soul’s destiny.  Please contact Robin’s office at 860-232-3331 or