Defining Your Life's Purpose

Your life’s purpose is the day to day operating plan that you have in place in order to fulfill your Soul Plan or your Soul’s destiny.  Therefore, in every encounter, you are living your life’s purpose even if you have no idea what your purpose is.

Rick Warren wrote a very successful book called The Purpose Driven Life.  I love the title of his book because it suggests that living your life’s purpose is truly about living your life on purpose.

Mankind has made such a mystery of our life’s purpose. It seems to be thought of as this unknown destiny that only the lucky few reach. Yet, if you consider that you are always living your life’s purpose (consciously or unconsciously), then perhaps you can relax for a bit.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot rest time for purposeful people! When you choose to live your life’s purpose in your personal, professional and community life, you have the greatest opportunity to truly serve others and ultimately, fulfill your Soul’s destiny.  

Deepak Chopra is quoted as saying, “There are no accidents, there is only some purpose that we have yet to understand.”  With this new understanding of the concept of purpose, I invite you to know that you are living your life on purpose and it is only a matter of understanding how you can more readily serve.