Answering the Call

Your career is moving along but in your heart you know that there must be something more for you, some way that you can serve in a greater way.  What is this nudging that you are feeling in your heart?  After all, why would you give up a guaranteed salary, benefits and prestige?

This stirring in your heart is a gentle reminder from your Soul that you have a plan for you life that you may or may not be aware of. Your Soul Plan was agreed to before you incarnated into your physical vessel.  Now, you Soul is reminding you that by living your life’s purpose, you can fulfill the destiny of your Soul.

By knowing your life’s purpose, you can begin to fulfill your Soul’s destiny in your personal, professional and community life.  It is important to note that living your life’s purpose is not just for entrepreneurs. In fact, stay-at-home parents are fulfilling their life’s purpose by dedicating their time to being a full-time parent.  Let’s not forget the many folks who also fulfill their life’s purpose by leading or supporting the activities of their favorite community group.

The key is to listen to your heart with the same level of importance that you would listen to the logical thoughts of your minds. Your mind’s job is to protect you and your heart’s job is to guide you to living a joyful life.  Can you find the balance and live the life of your dreams?

Yes, indeed!  By reviewing the twists and turns of your life and listening to the Universal energies (Spirit), you can understand the Soul Plan for your life.  Then, you can understand how the stirring in your heart to do something different is actually a nudge from Spirit to get going on the next part of your journey.

In my own life, it took me three years of thoughtful financial and business planning before I was able to leave my corporate job and start my business. Recently, a colleague shared with me that she is still working full-time and funding her business with her money from her corporate job.

The bottom line is that making a change does not have to happen all at once and perhaps it is better if it doesn’t. Your earthly commitments require you to move fast with conviction and yet, your life is unfolding according to divine timing.

To answer the call of your Soul  by connecting to Spirit and applying traditional business discipline sounds complicated. By committing to this integration, you are receiving the best of both world and welcoming in a flow of resources.  With careful planning on your end, Spirit will know how best to support you.

Spirit does not tell you what to do. You are required to ask for help through your careful consideration and expression of what you need.  Be flexible and patient enough to allow for outcomes that occur in accordance with divine timing and Spirit’s expansive view of your ultimate success.