The True Measure of Success

I have been receiving the same message from Spirit to share with any client who is measuring their business success by the amount of money in their bank.  Spirit gently corrects them by sharing the true measure of success.

“Success is measured by impact.  Impact is measured by how well you serve others. Money is only a form of energy exchange offered for your level of impact and service. Therefore, money is not the true measure of success, money arrives as the result of impact based on service.”

And, of course, you must be doing all of the other important business steps - quality products, managing costs, pricing well, marketing and sales follow-through. These business planning attributes are present from the biggest corporate giant to a sole proprietor, like my friend Amy, the floral expert.

Last week, Amy dropped off the most beautiful coral roses with an equally beautiful scent from my husband, Ori for my birthday.  As Amy and I chatted, we entered into the same conversation as defined above.  I was quick to note to Amy that she was in a business of impact; making people smile when receiving flowers.  

I asked her if she ever thought about how many people she has made smile.  She contemplated my question and said, “ I must be very successful based on that measure.”  Amy has been in the floral business for close to 30 years and has built a successful business (Events by Amy, LLC).

Amy’s success is no different than your business success or mine. How are you impacting your clients and providing them with the greatest level of service?  When you know your impact and service potential and adhere to proven business strategies, you will meet your financial objectives.

Jackie Robinson is known for this quote, “ A life is not important except in the impact that it has on other lives.”  This vast impact is possible by first recognizing that your personal, professional and community life are but your one life.  When growing and nurturing the impact and service you provide to others, great success is inevitable.