Gaining Consensus

For almost a year, I stood out on my deck asking the Universe how I could be of greater service to mankind.  When the answer finally arrived and it was time to find the courage to leave my comfy corporate job, I knew that I needed to get my family to align with my aspirations and support my next endeavor.

Imagine announcing to your family members who have come to rely on your salary, benefits and perks that you want to leave your steady job and heal the world.  I had no idea what healing the world meant and my family needed to be open to a life of shifting and change.

Consensus is defined as "an opinion or position reached by a group as a whole”.  Gaining consensus required that my family believed that I could be successful and they did. The Universe showed its consensus by providing me with resources (people, time and funding) to create offerings and build community.  

I had the green light or consensus from my family and from the Universe, but did I have a green light from myself?  For true success, I had to become part of the group by gaining consensus with myself.

Consensus required that I have faith in my mission, my gifts and my knowing that entrepreneurial success is inevitable with proper planning and execution. And equally important, reaching personal consensus required deep introspection, self-appreciation and commitment to all parts of my life.

I invite you to commit to your desired destination, then buckle up and let’s go, the light is green! So much awaits those who are willing to heal the world in their own special way.