Solving for X

During my corporate career, I had two personalities. One was my corporate person on the rise during the week and the other was being a spiritual warrior on the weekend. Deep inside of me, I yearned to be my authentic self, a person with one true personality.

Becoming my authentic self would require leaving my corporate life and becoming an entrepreneur. The thought of making this significant change was exciting, scary and overwhelming. I had no idea what I was supposed to do outside the walls of Corporate America.

In my overwhelm, I could not hear my own intuition so the Universe sent me someone to help. My knight in shining armor was a mathematician! That’s right, a mathematician - after all, who knows more about starting a business than a math geek? Perhaps no one! When I told him my dilemma, he said three simple words back to me, “Solve for X.”

After much grumbling, I began to see how simply brilliant his suggestion was. If I put everything I liked on one side of the equation and then put = x at the end, wouldn’t x be the answer to my dilemma? Wouldn’t x be my new business concept?

I put down the three most important aspects of my personality/experience that I wanted to incorporate into my next business adventure. I loved creating and running events, I loved the concept of adult learning and I loved spirituality and wellness.   

Events + Adult Learning + Spirituality/Wellness = x. Simple, right? Not really. The struggle to Solve for X continued until in a fit of anger and frustration, I threw my hands up  and said, “What is that you (the Divine) want me to do, I cannot figure it out on my own?”

This simple act of surrender allowed my mind and my heart to relax enough to Solve for X and my company was born. We would create spiritual and wellness education events for adults in our community. In essence, I would be taking my corporate experience and using it to create educational opportunities for spiritual seekers to grow into their most authentic self.

Here I am twelve years later and so much has happened since I solved for X.  I now have content for many more blogs and books!  I am blessed to have the wisdom to teach others how to Solve for X in their lives.

Are you ready to Solve for X in your life? For the moment, imagine that your Soul has been placing steps along a path that you have been walking on your whole life. What is next on your path and who are you intended to serve and lead? I invite you to brave and go for it. Sometimes it takes a revolution in your own life to win your freedom!