An Ancient Social Movement Goes Viral!

In past lifetimes, spiritual seekers were often frowned upon and many paid the ultimate price for standing in their power and sharing their interpretation of divine wisdom. What message is so important to share that spiritual seekers are even more vocal this lifetime?  We share the simplest and most complex idea on the planet: We are all ONE.

Are you part of the ancient social movement of spiritual seekers? A spiritual seeker has a significant moment of clarity in their life when they remember that they are not separate from others or divine source but that they are part of a Universe that includes the Earth and all its inhabitants. The ultimate lesson is that living a life of Unity or Oneness is our desired collective destiny and we have extraordinary resources to support our conclusion.

The divine wisdom that we so graciously share comes from the majority of spiritual and religious traditions on our planet. In fact, click here to read all of the examples that demonstrate the universality of the Golden Rule. Global teachings like the Golden Rule (treat someone else as you would like to be treated) have been around for thousands of years. And now, we are ready to accept these ancient teachings on a global scale.

The global conversation on divine wisdom became mainstream during the legendary spiritual shift that occurred on December 21, 2012.  Many indigenous, religious and spiritual communities have shared that this date marked the start of a period during which Earth and all its inhabitants would undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation. For humanity, the transformation awakened the more divine feminine energies of compassion, collaboration and love for all.  

Social Media gives spiritual seekers the courage to speak their truth about divine living without fear of persecution. Spiritual seekers blast out positive messages that go viral daily. Our goal is to guide others to move beyond their own fears to an empowered lifestyle by sharing uplifting stories and videos that support the healing of the Earth and all its inhabitants.

How are we doing? It seems that even with our daily barrage of positive messages, there is still so much darkness in the world. The darkness is a result of fear being the predominant focus on our planet. Our media and our major systems (medical, educational, political, business and religious) all thrive financially on selling fear.  

Watch out fear mongers, there is a revolution taking place! All over the world spiritual seekers are creating social movements to work for changes in social or political matters. We are the majority stakeholders for the Earth and all of her inhabitants. Spiritual sources suggest that spiritual seekers are the majority of people on the planet.

Can we influence presidential races or change how a major conglomerate grows food or push for energy reform or shift our medical model from symptom relief to overall wellness? You better believe it! What is our secret to success?  We believe that we create our reality.

Our thoughts become our beliefs, our beliefs determine our actions and our actions create our reality. The Universe will provide us with what we ask for every time. Therefore, if we ask for what we want from a place of lack, we will get more lack. If we ask for what we want from a place of abundance, we will get more of what we do want.  

What will spiritual seekers do to impact change in the world going forward? Margaret Mead said, “Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” Watch out world, here we come!

We are no longer alternative or strange or small. By our sheer numbers alone, we are the new normal. Our normal is based in love and not fear. Imagine the possibilities of a world based in the teachings of divine wisdom. Together in Oneness, we can create a future to be proud of.