Light Trumps Shadow in The Golden Age

"Whomsoever may torment you, harass you, confound you, or upset you, is a teacher. Not because they're wise, but because you seek to become so." Clever you, The Universe

I have shared with many spiritual seekers that what is front of our eyes is exactly what we have  been waiting for.  We can travel back for thousands of years in our global consciousness or just look back to the 1960’s to see that what is in front of us is accurate. We just had no idea it would look like this crazy, confusing time.

The end of The Iron Age, culminated with the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012. The Iron Age defined as the Age of Man was filled with our greed for money without regard for all inhabitants, including Mother Earth. Right now, we are seeing the global shadow of The Iron Age coming out of the shadow and presenting itself on our earth for transmutation into the light of the current age, The Golden Age.

We are now fully engaged in The Golden Age or the Age of Aquarius or The Age of God - you choose the name you like the best! Sounds lovely, doesn't it? Unfortunately, we have work to do. Now, it is up to mankind to transmute the shadow aspects of The Iron Age into the light aspects of The Golden Age.

And of course, we are seeing opportunities for transmutation in practically every conversation we are in or watching or listening to or reading. When you are face to face with a shadow aspect, remember that every interaction is a teacher. Do you choose to stand and yell in anger or recoil in fear or worry about the future? A typical Iron Age reaction.  

Or you can choose to stand in disbelief and allow your disbelief to morph into hope for a change. Next, you can envision a positive outcome by either taking positive action or just holding the light within your own contemplative practice and conversations with others.  A typical Golden Age reaction.

In my own political frustration, I asked the Divine, "What can I do to help heal my frustration over our political system?" The Divine responded, "Pray for what you do want."  From the teachings of Abraham Hicks, I remembered this phrase, “Our thoughts become beliefs, our beliefs become actions and our actions become things.” 

If each one of us begins to focus on a vision for what we want to see happen for our personal lives, the lives of our family and friends, our community, our country, our global neighbors and our precious planet then it shall be. The Universe is fully aligned to help us manifest our deepest desires through the positive momentum of The Golden Age.

Love Trumps Fear. Light Trumps Shadow. Is there a coincidence that the man who is helping to usher the shadow out of the shadow and into the light is named Trump?  Since there are no coincidences,  we have to make a decision to follow the path of Light. What can you do to heal your own shadow, transmute it into light and manifest your best life?  A healthy world begins with you and together, in Unity, we will live peacefully in The Golden Age as intended by the Divine.

Source: The Note from the Universe - Tut Daily Inspirations - 2/23/2016