The Divine Keys is a simple - yet profound - guide to move through the 18 key steps of your spiritual journey. It begins with the recognition that you are indeed spiritual, and helps you to progress to a deep sense of knowing that you are One with the Divine. The information contained within The Divine Keys summarizes what great Spiritual Masters have shared for thousands of years.

It is absolutely possible to have it all – a life deeply engaged in the energies of the Divine, while creating and living a life that embraces family, friends, and service.



The Divine Keys is a precious treasure that holds a golden key to the peace, joy and love of our original creation. I believe the most powerful messages are those distilled into rich, filling nuggets of truth, and Robin has accomplished this with grace. Give yourself the gift of a lifetime and allow the wealth of wisdom in this extraordinary book to transform your world.”

Jannirose Fenimore, Spiritual Author, Speaker and Teacher

“This small gem of a contemplative book is your perfect take-along spiritual companion for the road warrior or parent-on-the run, whether an experienced seeker or newbie on the spiritual path. From the guiding white heron on its cover thru to its last pages of a receding sun, Robin gifts you with a smorgasbord of 18 contemplative keys of her divinely inspired teachings to keep you on your spiritual path anywhere, and everywhere.”

Karen Sands, MCC, BCC, Best-Selling Author & Leading GeroFuturistSM




For two millennia, mankind has searched for The Messiah-sometimes characterized as a mythical being, sometimes a real person . . . even someone who has not yet arrived in our midst. Messiah Within follows the ten-year journey of Robin Clare, a Jewish spiritual seeker, as she is guided by Yeshua ben Yosef (whom many call Jesus) to a knowing that the Messiah she had been searching for was already within her own inner divinity-as it is for all of us.

In this book, Yeshua reveals a life-changing process for each person to follow, to help you connect to your own Messiah Within. Yeshua shows us how to engage in a new way of living called the "Messiah Consciousness" Yeshua invites you to step onto the path of global Oneness and be part of a new movement to usher in an unprecedented era of personal and world peace.

INTRO by James Twyman for Messiah Within:

"This may seem like a strange question at first, but lately it’s been getting a lot of attention. When Neale Donald Walsch wrote his hugely successful series of books called“Conversations with God,” many people, especially those who knew him, thought he had lost his mind. Who was he, a formerly homeless man whose life was in a shambles, to speak directly to the creator of the universe?

In the end, especially as people began reading, then sharing the amazing result of that exchange, the question began to shift. It was no longer who is Neale, or you for that matter, to have a conversation with God, but rather, who are you NOT to? Is it possible that God is always talking to us, even pushing us into direct communication, but we simply haven’t been listening?..." READ MORE


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Feast & Famine - Healing Addiction with Grace - Coming in late Fall 2019