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A proven path from Spiritual Warrior to Divine Warrior.

Robin Clare has lived the journey of the Spiritual Warrior to the Divine Warrior and she is committed to helping you do the same.  The Divine Freedom Formula  is a proven path to create a divine revolution in your own life.  By following the path, you will activate your Divine Rights to love, joy, peace and abundance. 

The proven path...

1.    Embrace your inner divinity and develop your divine nature.

2.    Heal your blocks to success with universal Grace.

3.    Integrate your beloved spiritual teachings into your life.

 4.   Reveal your Soul Mission and discover your true purpose.

 5.   Create a sophisticated business plan to launch yourself as a Divine Entrepreneur or Activist.

 6.   Review your results, tweak your plan and monetize your mission to its greatest potential.

It is time for you to reach your ultimate destiny as a Divine Being on our planet!

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Welcome to Clare-ity!

Are you satisfied and happy on your spiritual journey? 

Are you making excuses for why you are not further along? 

Is it your greatest desire to contribute more to the world?

It is  time to take your passion and your gifts and make your unique contribution to the world AND make an abundant living.  Do you have the personal commitment required to reach a state of Divine Freedom and enjoy a life of joy, peace, love and abundance? 

My clients have tenacity, courage and are more than willing to invest in their own success.  If that sounds like you, please connect with me.  I would love to hear from you. 

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