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Spiritual self-confidence is a gift that enables you to trust that the guidance that you are receiving from Spirit is real, is accurate and can easily be implemented in your life.  The Akashic Records provide information from your past, present and future lifetimes that will help you to discover your life’s purpose, answer questions about relationships and your overall well-being. If you have questions, Spirit has answers for you!  

On this visit, you can do a Clare-ity Akashic Record session with Robin OR you can do Session One of her new and exciting SOUL PLAN™ Program.  Your Soul Plan is a blueprint created by your Soul prior to your incarnation and contains the answers to the very important question, “Why Am I here?  Finally, with access to this powerful knowledge, you can stop guessing, you can stop searching! And best of all, you can re-focus your attention on how to be successful in your life.

Known as the Spiritual MBA, Robin Clare brings Clare-ity, Alignment and TRUE Success to her client’s lives by merging her extensive business expertise with access to universal wisdom.  To learn more or to set up an appointment, please contact Robin directly at 860-232-3331 or