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Connecting with Grace (#3 of 3 Powerful Conversations)

Have you met Sophia? Would it surprise you to know that She is the highest of high of the Divine Feminine and is known by many names in our religious and spiritual cultures? It's time to elevate Sophia in our consciousness and in our culture.

Robin was first introduced to Sophia when she became serious about healing from her eating disorder - her personal form of suffering and persecution. By connecting with Sophia and other guides, Robin has learned to manage her addictive behavior. 

Discover the profound wisdom and grace that is available from Sophia for each one of us. If you have an addictive behavior that needs to be healed (and who doesn’t?) or you desire a more connected, successful Self-esteemed life then join Robin for this very special conversation. 

This conversation will take place online on Zoom.  Further instruction on how to connect online or by phone will follow after registration. To register, please click on our store above.

Later Event: October 15
Divine Living