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Claiming Your Divine Rights (#2 of 3 Powerful Conversations)

When you clear out enough of the negative chatter in your head, you will begin to hear the glorious words of the Divine in your heart – your intuitive knowing. One of your Divine Rights is to live a Self-esteemed life which enables you to truly love yourself and others. Get ready to claim your Divine Right to every gift the Divine has in store for you!

Think about all the ways your life could change if you were free from self-loathing and empowered with your Divine Rights. The rest of the details - the who, what, when, where and how of your life will fall into place with abundant grace. Join Robin Clare to understand your Divine Rights and how to call them forth into your life.

This conversation will take place online on Zoom.  Further instruction on how to connect online or by phone will follow after registration. To register, please click on our store above.