Planning for Success

If your Soul Mission is related to your work, then it is always the right time to build a solid, sustainable and unique business plan. Long-term success comes when you engage the Universal energies in your business planning process.  

As a Spiritual MBA, Robin Clare is deeply committed to both the magical and the practical aspects of business. The Universe is delighted to bring us exactly what we need when we are clear about what we want to have and what we want to do!  

This program enables you to create a sustainable strategic view of your business and a strong operational plan to ensure that you reach your greatest potential for your business.

Investment: $ 3,600 - includes six 2-hour sessions plus a written personalized business plan. To purchase this program, please go to our store.  


When entrepreneurs need a business plan, they go to any business planner. When spiritual and holistic entrepreneurs need a business plan, they go to Robin Clare, Clare-ity Consulting. Robin’s experience as an influential spiritual thought leader, as well as her business expertise enabled me to create a business from a higher perspective.
— LS