Clare-ity Commitment Plan

One day, the Divine kept repeating the same phrase over and over (and over!) to Robin, "Your purpose is purpose." They kept saying it very fast and she was confused.  Finally, she asked, "Can you slow it down, it sounds like one word, PURPOSE. And they responded, "Exactly!"


With your Akashic Records open, Robin will channel your Soul’s Collective - Beings of Light assigned to support your Soul's growth in this lifetime. Your unique Soul's Collective is made up of Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Angelic Beings, Mystical Teachers and deceased Loved Ones available to help you reach your divine destiny. 

When you combine the ancient wisdom of your Soul’s Collective with practical advice from Robin, you will learn to live all aspects of your life (both personal and professional) in alignment with your Divine Purpose and ultimately fulfill your Soul's Destiny. 

The Akashic Records are the perfect tool to do this work.  As the internet of the Spiritual Realm and the repository of information from all your lifetimes, you will:

 * Resolve issues from your past.

* Gain a deeper understanding of your present.

* Plan for your amazing future

 PLUS, the Clare-ity Commitment Plan has been expanded to include energy activations and attunements to open your heart, quiet your mind and clear your energetic blocks.  

Your Clare-ity Commitment Plan includes six 60-minute Akashic Records sessions or 90 minutes if your Soul’s Collective is chatty!  Does this all sound good to you but you are worried about the price? Help is here! After you pay for the first 5 sessions, the 6th one is FREE!  Still not sure,  sign up for a free 20 minute conversation with Robin.


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Plan A - Getting to Know Your Spiritual Path

These 6 sessions are designed to introduce you to your Soul’s Collective and to gain a deep understanding of your Divine Purpose.  In these six sessions, you will really get to know your true essence and how your past and present lifetime experiences have impacted who you are today and who you are intended to become.  The sessions will include ceremonies that heal your heart and enable you to answer the question, “Why Am I here?” 

$750 for 6 sessions (Reg. Price - $900)

(includes The Heart’s Temple Ceremony ™  & The Soul Plan™ - see store for descriptions)


Plan B - Igniting Your Authentic Fire

These 6 sessions are designed to help you fulfill your Soul’s Destiny by aligning your personal life with your Divine Purpose.  In these 6 sessions, you will create a plan to transition from your current situation to the life that you were meant to live. Find the courage to change, gain consensus with your loved ones and most important, honor the unique gifts that you possess. It’s time to live in the sweet spot, the place where your personal and professional life intersect and where true success resides. 

$750 for 6 sessions (Reg. Price - $900)


Plan C - Planning for Success

 These 6 sessions are designed to align your Divine Purpose with your professional life.  In these 6 sessions, you will build a solid, sustainable and unique business plan. Long-term success comes when you engage the Universal energies in your business planning process.  As a Spiritual MBA, Robin Clare is deeply committed to both the magical and the practical aspects of business. The Universe is delighted to bring us exactly what we need when we are clear about what we want to have and what we want to do! 

$750 for 6 sessions (Reg. Price - $900))

Thank you so much, I love the Clare-ity Commitment Program! You have been so helpful and I really appreciate you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— S.V.