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Are you ready to have spectacular spiritual and physical experiences traveling up the Earth Chakras?

It’s true, Mother Earth has chakras that span her globe! Earth Chakra Tours are designed for spiritual beings like you to travel to these chakras sites. Imagine a vacation filled with worldly adventures, divinely inspired ceremonies and a delightful collection of like-minded co-creators - your soul family.    Click here for a quick glance of where we are going!

Robin Clare has vast experience as an event producer and travel planner. She has worked in this capacity in her corporate life, in her local community and within the global spiritual community.  She loves to organize travel to sacred sites because it has many benefits to attendees including; seeing the world, growing deeply on their spiritual journey, supporting Mother Earth and building friendships with like-minded travelers. 

Click on the link below to meet Robin's tour partner, Tor Webster and learn about all of fabulous adventures.

New Website!  www.earthchakra.tours