Ways to Meet 1:1 with Robin

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Clare-ity Akashic Records Sessions/Commitment Plan:  Spirit is very clear that there are no mistakes and every experience in your life has contributed to an exclusive individual pattern called your life's journey.  This journey orchestrated by your Soul is intended for your highest growth possible. Meet with Robin on a consistent basis to understand how your past is impacting your present and what changes you can make to improve your future.    1 (60 min) session - $150 ;  3 (60 min) sessions - $400,  Clare-ity Commitment Plan - 6 (60 min) sessions - $750


The Heart’s Temple Ceremony ™ :  Each person on the planet has experienced either a broken or a shattered heart. From that moment forward, we love by giving pieces of our heart away. The Heart's Temple Ceremony was first shared by the Ascended Masters with Robin, to bring her heart into energetic wholeness. Robin will lead a ceremony to heal your heart. From this place of heart wholeness, each person will love in a more full and unconditional manner.  1 (120 min) session - $300


Soul Plan™  Program:  “If we answer the question, "Why am I here?" would that person stop searching and start serving?” asked the Divine to Robin.  It is time to for you understand your Soul's destiny because quite frankly, you are needed right now. The Divine’s SOUL PLAN™ program can guide you to stop searching for answers, establish a deep connection to your Soul's Collective and relax into the knowing that you are living an amazing, spiritually-guided life.  3 (60 min) sessions + written report - $599      


                                                                                                                                                               Soul’s Destiny Program ™ 

Igniting Your Authentic Fire: What happens after your Soul’s destiny is revealed to you? Most likely, you want to fulfill it!  A life plan enables you to transition from your current situation to the life that you were meant to live. Find the courage to change, gain consensus with your loved ones and most important, honor the unique gifts that you possess. It’s time to live in the sweet spot, the place where your personal and professional life intersect and where true success resides.   6 (60 min) sessions - $799

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Planning for Success:  If your Soul’s destiny is related to your work, then it is always the right time to build a solid, sustainable and unique business plan. Long-term success comes when you engage the Universal energies in your business planning process.  As a Spiritual MBA, Robin Clare is deeply committed to both the magical and the practical aspects of business. The Universe is delighted to bring us exactly what we need when we are clear about what we want to have and what we want to do! 6 (60 min) sessions plus a written business plan - $999


To learn more about Robin's private practice programs, please call 860-232-3331 or info@clare-ity.com.

If you are ready to get started - please purchase in our store.