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 Archetype Card Reading

“Robin.I don't know where to start. That was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had. How being so far away in another country, just proved how we r ALL connected. Same sun, same sky! The read was an eye opener and so uplifting as well. Wonderful insight and a lot of understanding and so much guidance. You made things so simple to understand on such a subject which was the ultimate. Was also divine timing. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. Now Robin where do I post this review to share this amazing experience with the WORLD. Ty Ty ty! “ CZ, Windsor Ontario Canada


“Working with Robin on my SOUL PLAN™ has been invaluable! I now have a much clearer understanding of my unique gifts and how to use them going forward. If you have been asking Spirit how you can be of service and/or how you can utilize your specific skills, your SOUL PLAN™ will help you unfold your path in a gentle, dynamic and comprehensive manner.” QD

“Robin’s divinely guided skills are genuinely spot on. I appreciate her clare-ity of detail and reassurance that although we are all one, we are unique to ourselves with a deep history. Robin provided the detailed reasons why I am here now and what steps I can do to progress my soul here on earth.  Her gift is extraordinary and fascinating and I am grateful.  If you find yourself wondering why you are here and what you need to do to fulfill your destiny - and how to get there then you will most appreciate SOUL PLAN™.   Everyone should have the opportunity to learn about their SOUL in this way.” SB

"When I first heard about Robin's SOUL PLAN™ program I felt great excitement. I have been on a spiritual path my whole life and have participated in many different workshops. Somehow this SOUL PLAN™ program struck a deeper cord within me. Now I could have access to my true purpose and have my life lessons revealed to me.  I can now work directly on the issues that have been recurring in my life with much more clarity.  Robin uses the gifts that she has been entrusted with to help others in a clear and concise way. I would recommend the SOUL PLAN™ program to everyone who wants more clarity in their life. It has been life changing for me. LL

Spiritual Mentoring

“Robin is totally incredible! She immediately put me at ease, explained what she would be doing, and gave a thorough reading which was very interactive and spot-on. I would highly recommend an Akashic Record reading with Robin Clare!” LW

“My session with Robin was exactly what I needed on that day Robin  so gifted and talented and I really wanted to let you know that you are appreciated!!” DC

“Robin gave me knowledge and insight that has filled my heart with joy and love which all makes the journey easier.Thank you sincerely, for the powerful insights that you have given me, more than I had expected.” DC

 “Since the very first session with Robin, I have a whole new outlook on life. It feels like I am gaining new knowledge and understanding that I didn’t have before. Having found this true purpose inside me, I feel like this is the first time in my life that I have truly begun to understand myself.“ TH

“Robin is a very gifted soul. I felt safe, respected, loved, validated and understood. I could have listened to her all day. Everything Robin shared with me was very interesting and it felt right.” CA

“My session with you today was, to say the least, mind blowing. There is so much to think about and so much work to do. There are not words enough to express my thanks” JKC

“Since the very first session with Robin, I have a whole new outlook on life. It feels like I am gaining new knowledge and understanding that I didn’t have before. Having found this true purpose inside me, I feel like this is the first time in my life that I have truly begun to understand myself.“ TH

“Robin Clare is a true professional. I felt at ease, trusting that I could be vulnerable to allow myself to go to a deeper place with her. The session confirmed what I knew deep within myself, but the confirmation gives me a sense of peace moving forward.”JW

“My session was totally awesome. It was multilayered multi-dimensional and seemed timeless.  I would certainly recommend this to anyone ready for the journey of a lifetime.” DC

“Robin was the bridge to connect me to my deceased mother. Thank you Robin. That was truly remarkable. And now I feel freed. She imparted her wisdom and I got the message.” LT

“Robin articulated very clearly intuitions and feelings I’d been having about stations in my life that I was not quite sure of. She provided me with extremely useful and practical information regarding my illness as well as healing guidance regarding my family issues. I also love Robin’s spirit, she communicates joy, kindness and compassion.” AS

“I have been to numerous types of practitioners and healers over the years, and I can say with all honesty that I can already tell that my session with Robin was life-changing. Her personal insights in combination with her ability to discern messages from spirit, as well as her gentle, relaxed and caring nature come together in a most beautiful way.” AK

“Where I’d been stuck before my session with Robin, I now have new ideas flowing into my mind – they’re wonderful, do-able possibilities – I’m taking action on many levels at the same time! And my intuition is off the leash now! Working with Robin, you can have confidence in her integrity and her ability – and you’ll have fun, too.” AC

“It was just amazing and entirely Loving. All relevant questions were answered unhesitatingly, with answers that Robin could not possibly have had any knowledge of. For me it was a Spiritual ‘result’ of enormous significance that I will never forget.”  

“I had a major decision to make regarding my job and asked Robin to help me walk through the process. Robin helped me to categorize and prioritize my options and bingo -  the decision was made for me. By merging Robin’s human resources background with her connection to Spirit, I knew she had the skills to do this work with me.” RW

“Robin this has been one of the most significant readings I have received on my spiritual journey. I have waited a long time for this confirmation and now a sense of ease is coming over me. Also how wonderful to have specific instructions. Always I have been told to listen and you will know.” RG

“Robin has a full and open heart, she interacts with spirit with a loving determination to help others self actualize and recognize what talents their souls are calling on them to implement in this lifetime. Robin has been so instrumental in helping me put the scattered pieces of my heart back together and opening me to an increased awareness and confidence of my spiritual gifts.” DR

“I envision that one day I will get to living my spiritual and practical wisdom in my own business, but for now, I am happy to bring these teachings to the children and parents assigned to me in my corporate mental health position. With her 25 years of corporate experience, Robin totally gets where I work but keeps my focus on what is most important in the present moment and how to serve into the future. I am grateful that she can share valuable information for my life from the spiritual realm. ”   JA