1.       AWARENESS: The first stage begins when you realize that there is more to this life than just what you can experience through your five senses.  This sixth sense connects you to a knowing that there is a presence available to you that exists beyond the confines of your normal daily life.  This warm, loving presence called Spirit or the Divine has always been a part of your life, you just may not have been aware.

2.       COMMITMENT: The second stage begins when you just have to know more about this extraordinary presence in your life.  You begin to read, to take classes, to venture into conversations with others. Regardless of the reaction of others, you tenaciously stay on your path. In this stage, synchronistic events become more prevalent in your life as the Divine begins to communicate with you.

3.       MASTERY: The third stages begins when you move from a strong curiosity to a full commitment to become the spiritual person that you keep reading about in books or listening to in class.  You dive deeper into the teachings of Spiritual Masters and you begin to heal the traumas from this lifetime and past lifetimes.  Spiritual Seekers love to seek and often get stuck in the mastery stage.  Moving beyond mastery is vital because you are required to serve as well!

4.       SERVICE: If you are on your spiritual journey, then you are on this planet to serve.  Fortunately, you have opportunities to serve yourself, your family, your community and our world. You can serve in both your personal and professional life.  For example, you can serve others by simply holding the door open for another or by creating a service business. Just know, the more you serve, the more you emulate the Divine in this world.

5.       LEADERSHIP: By this stage of your spiritual journey, you have gathered a deep understanding of spiritual concepts, a service mind-set and a desire to integrate spirituality into your moment to moment living.  Now, when you become out of alignment with the Divine, you re-align in a faster, more graceful time frame.  By living a dedicated spiritual life, you naturally lead others along their spiritual journey.

6.       FREEDOM: In this last stage, you are rewarded for all of your dedication to your spiritual journey with love, peace, joy and abundance.  Divine love is experienced by a whole heart that shares love in an unconditional manner. Divine peace is practiced by knowing that are never alone and that you are One with the Divine. Divine joy is accomplished by seeing the world though the Divine’s positive lens. Divine abundance is achieved by making an impact on others’ lives through unwavering service.