The Divine wants you to know...

When you live your Divine Purpose, you will fulfill your Soul's Destiny.


Hello Fellow Seeker!

What does your Soul want to achieve in this lifetime?

Finding the answer to this question in my own life became my personal mission. My extensive journey has taken me across the globe to study and grow into my Divine gifts.

To become by authentic self, I left my 25 year corporate career to focus my vast business and personal experience in support of the spiritual arts community.

I am deeply committed to my own spiritual journey comprised of healing the wounds of my past, connecting with the Earth and enhancing my spiritual knowledge.

Like you, I have a very active personal, professional and community life.  It is possible to live a magical life of balance and freedom within all aspects of your life when you achieve the appropriate support.

The answer to what does my Soul want to achieve in this lifetime is now clear; my Divine Purpose is to help you to live your Divine Purpose and fulfill your Soul's Destiny. 

 I love to help others by taking complicated spiritual concepts and explaining them with simple and accessible information. 

 How can I serve you on your unique journey?



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