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HCC Member Spotlight: Robin Clare

HCC Member Spotlight is Monday, August 10th
(Free Zoom Video Presentation the Second Monday of each month)

Guest Presenter: Robin Handler Clare speaking about your Soul Plan and Life Purpose

Got Plans? Everything in life runs more smoothly with a plan. You may have created external plans for your personal and professional life objectives, but do you know that you also already have a Soul Plan - an inner strategic plan - complete with goals, objectives and desired outcomes? If you are an experienced planner, you'll probably agree that to achieve a successful outcome for your overall strategic Soul plan you need an underlying, detailed operating plan with actionable steps to achieve your strategic goals. In the case of your Soul Plan, your operating plan is known as your Life’s Purpose.

True success comes when you align your Soul Plan and your Life’s Purpose with your personal and professional life objectives. This dynamic alignment enables you to gain access to the unlimited resources (people, funding and expertise) available by connecting to your inner world. Please join Robin Clare, Spiritual MBA, for a compelling conversation on how to merge all of your plans into one extraordinary life plan that empowers you to fulfill your Soul’s destiny.

Robin Clare is a highly regarded spiritual entrepreneur. Since 2004, Robin has co-founded three spiritual organizations. Robin Clare has 25 years of experience as a seasoned corporate MBA plus the past 10 years of supporting spiritual seekers. Now, she is merging her two career paths to bring Clare-ity to her client’s personal and professional lives with business expertise and universal access. Robin is the author of Messiah Within and an upcoming second book, Walking the Walk with Spirit. Robin is honored to live her life’s purpose in service to others.

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