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Private Akashic Record Sessions

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Robin loves to travel to spiritual centers for private sessions that enable her clients to connect the dots of their life's journey to understand their Divine Purpose.  With a knowing of their purpose, Robin will guide them to fulfilling their Soul's Destiny - a life filled with magical gifts from the Divine.  Robin is highly regarded for her ability to integrate messages from the Divine with practical day-to-day suggestions to ensure that real change is possible. Please refer to the Home page to learn more about the Akashic Records. 

Powerful Presentations

Divine Living: It is absolutely possible to have it all – a life deeply engaged in the energies of the Divine, while creating and living a life that embraces family, friends and service to humanity! These are the words that grace the back cover of Robin Clare’s second book, The Divine Keys.  More than ever, Robin knows that a divinely inspired life is achievable for us all based on how the Divine defined the components of this bold statement: “When you live your life in Divine Purpose, you will fulfill your Soul’s Destiny.”  Come and listen, you will be inspired for sure, but most of all, you will leave even more proud of yourself!

Practical Divine Wisdom : Do you have a situation in your life that could use either some practical advice or some Divine wisdom?  Join Robin for a conversation on how to distinguish between solutions that are mind-based verses solutions that are heart-based and the importance of integrating the two.  Most of our time together will be spent with channeled practical and Divine wisdom for your life based on your questions. Each person in attendance will benefit from the answers to questions asked by other attendees.  Therefore, even if you don’t want to ask a question, come for the answers! 

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Robin Clare is a Divine Emissary. She is a channel for the Ascended Masters, an advanced Akashic Records Reader and a highly regarded spiritual teacher and community leader.  She is the author of Messiah Within and the Amazon Best Selling spiritual book, The Divine Keys.  Robin is described by many clients as "intelligent, intuitive, connected, caring, peaceful and loving."  For over a decade Robin has served an as ambassador between the Divine realm and our day-to-day world.