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Private Akashic Record Sessions

Robin loves to travel to spiritual centers for private sessions that enable her clients to connect the dots of their life's journey to understand how their past is impacting their present and influencing their future.  Robin is highly regarded for her ability to integrate messages from the Divine with practical day-to-day suggestions to ensure that real change is possible. Please refer to the Home page to learn more about the Akashic Records. 

Three Powerful Presentations

Divinely Guiding Living: The Divine Keys (Robin's 2nd book) is a simple - yet profound - guide to move you through the three keys stages of your spiritual journey. Each stage is comprised of six key steps that enable deep personal growth and unwavering spiritual connection. In this presentation, Robin will share how to live a life deeply engaged in the energies of the Divine and one that embraces family, friends, and service to humanity. 

An Infinite Perspective: “Your Purpose is Purpose.” This message from the Divine led Robin on a journey to discover what the Divine meant by purpose. She discovered that a Soul incarnates into a physical body for a unique purpose and that our Soul guides our moment by moment life.  In this presentation, Robin will share how to see your life from the Divine’s infinite Soul perspective and ultimately, fulfill your Soul’s desired destiny for this lifetime. 

Living Your Purpose through Service: The fastest way to satisfaction and meaning in your life is to serve! Yet, true service is not simply something you do, it is a way of being. To give is to receive, and the more you give, the more joy, love, peace and abundance you receive. In this presentation, Robin will share the 3D Service approach as shared with her by Ascended Master team of Yeshua and Martha. Join Robin to discover the meaning of service from the Divine’s perspective. 

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