“I love the interactive adventure that The Divine Keys provides. I love the pictures and self-examination questions. It is so much more than an intellectual experience, it is a wonderful opportunity for self-inquiry and reflection.”

Edie Grossi, Reiki Master

“We (Angelic Council of LIGHT) love the book. You have taken accumulated wisdom of the worlds and put it into a form that is easy to read, understand and do. The great gift in this book is that anyone, at any level of spiritual learning, can achieve success with this book by following your easy directions.”

Pat Caffrey, Angelic Council of LIGHT

“I do practice living a divinely guided life and Robin captured the key elements perfectly! Robin has been walking the walk for many years now and it’s a joy to see her singing it from the rooftops. In this book, she has brought forth a powerful and shining example of how Divine Love graces her life and shows us how we can all live in the feeling of Oneness.”

Maureen Ross Gemme, Emerge Leadership Academy LLC

“In The Divine Keys, Robin presents a beautiful and soulful, yet logical and simple path towards realizing our oneness with spirit, the wisdom of our hearts and our divine right to access the true potential of our spiritual journey.”

Donna Rioux, Energy Medicine Practitioner

“Robin is a master at making dreams come true because she gives the world divine content which can be applied to many contexts. It doesn’t have to be complicated to work through next steps. Robin has proven this over and over again. The Divine Keys can work for anyone, any time.”

Dr. Alexandra Bakos, Mediator, Educational Consultant, Seimei teacher

“The Divine Keys is an easy 3-part practice into a deeply profound body of work. Robin does a beautiful job guiding you through what may be the greatest shift you’ll ever make. From identifying your own personal relationship with Spirit to committing to your personal journey and, finally, integrating and living from your sacred self. This book will surely change your life as every magical image helps to activate each key within you.”

Colleen Morgan, Metaphysical Teacher, The Spirit of Light

“This small gem of a contemplative book is your perfect take-along spiritual companion for the road warrior or parent-on-the run, whether an experienced seeker or newbie on the spiritual path. From the guiding white heron on its cover thru to its last pages of a receding sun, Robin gifts you with a smorgasbord of 18 contemplative keys of her divinely inspired teachings to keep you on your spiritual path anywhere, and everywhere.”

Karen Sands, MCC, BCC, Best-Selling Author & Leading GeroFuturistSM