Monetize Your Mission

Congratulations! Intuitively, you knew that there was a bigger mission for your life and you left your comfy paycheck with benefits to change the world. And now, you are in debt and not making a living.  But wait... there's more... you are also exhausted, pissed off and ready to go back to the corporate grind. 


What happened to your business dreams? 

Most likely, you forgot to run your business like a business.

A successful business requires a deep understanding of your Soul Mission, an energetic process to clear your blocks to success, a savvy and exciting business plan and a business coach who totally gets your spiritual nature and what it takes to monetize your mission!

Would you like to learn the truth about what's going on with your business?

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Robin Clare was voted the #1 Best Life/Business Coach in Natural Nutmeg's 2018 Readers Poll

Do you desire the financial freedom to ....    

Make a difference in the lives of your clients?

Work your own schedule?

Give yourself a giant raise?

Love how you make a living?

Monetize Your Mission is a personalized coaching program that addresses both your personal and professional requirements for ultimate success.  After all, business success is both an inside and outside job!  Robin will share her brilliant business expertise, channel profound messages for you, share energy attunements & healing and connect to her extraordinary business guides in Spirit.  This 3 month program includes the design of a business plan that focuses on transforming your unique gifts into a successful business.


This program is available online via Zoom or in-person in CT or as a personalized weekend retreat at a sacred location in the Northeast.

Bottom line:  If you are passionately working your mission, why not manifest unlimited abundance?

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I have lived an incredible journey of publicized abuse and multiple forms of addiction and now, I am living a spectacularly sober life of wholistic wellness. I needed to figure how to share my extensive knowledge with others who desire this lifestyle, but I had no idea how to share the information or monetize my brilliance. If anyone could help me turn my life’s journey into my brilliant business, it would be Robin. She has an extensive business background and lives her spiritual teachings. Robin helped me to clearly define; 1. my unique purpose, 2. what I would be teaching, 3. how to monetize my work and 4. how to stay focused to achieve my goals. By working with Robin, I am on target to gross $26,000 in my first program launch!
— MW
When I decided to completely switch career gears from a business intuitive consultant to opening a juice bar, I quickly became overwhelmed and felt panicked over all the details. Robin suggested that we use her Planning for Success™ program (a business plan with spiritual guidance) for Pure Alchemy. The first thing Robin showed me was that I did have a business plan, but it was all whirling around in my head. My confidence grew as she was able to identify where I was already “on track”. Putting my ideas into a formal business plan while making room for both of our intuitive guidance, helped to ground and manifest my ideas and even make money much more quickly.
— CM
My unique journey of spiritual awakening included times of deep depression. At the end of last year during a difficult depression, I thought that I would have to retire from my teaching job without my full pension and benefits. By working with Robin, I was able to relax into my healing journey and gather the strength to return to teaching for the required time to exit the teaching profession with full financial security. Meanwhile, Robin and I are planning my new career in 2019 which will include sharing Sacred Heart Yoga with clients who struggle with deep depression. When the time is right, I will most certainly engage Robin to monetize my Soul’s mission. In the interim, we continue to explore my healing path, my connection to Spirit and how to deeply love myself and of course, dream my holistic business into reality!
— DR
It is true that we come here to teach what we are most required to learn. In my case, I am a deeply spiritual person and seasoned mental health professional and what I needed to learn most was how to make peace with my parents. By working with Robin with the extraordinary healing tools she has in her practice, I was able to forgive my parents and heal my heart. Now, I am working with Robin to add a new dimension to my traditional mental health practice that will include a forgiveness program grounded in the vast spiritual and traditional training that I have been blessed to receive. We are working together on a business strategy to formally add this new dimension in. However, since we have raised the vibration in my practice, new spiritually committed clients have already begun to arrive to work with me exclusively for 6 months or more. I trust Robin completely and I love her authentic, practical and spiritual way of providing guidance in all parts of my life.
— ML