Soul Purpose Assessment


Your Soul has been guiding your life bringing you to this exact moment in time.  Over the course of your life, you have been in training to achieve your purpose which is to fulfill your Soul’s Destiny. 

Once you understand how your past and present life experiences are all connected in Soul purpose, then you can create and execute a plan to live, work and serve in harmony with your Soul’s desired destiny. 

By living in partnership with your Soul, you will be happier, peaceful, content and excited for what is possible in your life.

Robin has created a Soul Purpose Assessment tool for you to inventory your most important life experiences and determine how to fulfill your Soul's destiny.  You can purchase this tool in our online store for $50.

Robin is available to share your Soul's perspective on your Soul Purpose Assessment results through an Akashic Record Session.  Cost - $100 ($50 off standard rate).  The session can be done in-person in West Hartford, CT or by phone or online.