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It’s Time to Love yourSelf (#1 of 3 Powerful Conversations)

If you ever stopped to listen to all the chatter in your head, you would hear many thoughts of self-loathing and not many thoughts oozing with Self-esteem. Why is loving yourself so hard?

Because not loving ourselves has been our collective destiny until now. For thousands of years, women have been diminished and persecuted – leading to lifetimes of suffering at the hands of others and ourselves.

Yet, in this lifetime, spiritual women have a deep knowing that the Divine co-creates our lives with us and it will end well for us. Quite simply, suffering and persecution are no longer required. Join Robin Clare to gain a deeper understanding of how our collective past has influenced our present and what is possible for our future.

This conversation will take place online on Zoom.  Further instruction on how to connect online or by phone will follow after registration. To register, please click on our store above.